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First things first

Place your Smart Sharp on a solid flat surface (we recommend using a chopping board to protect your kitchen work surface/table top). Hold the handle firmly to keep the unit steady.

Stage 1 – Prepare

Using light pressure and a nice, smooth motion, pull the knife through slot 1 approx 5 times. The knife should move through the slot easily, you shouldn’t feel too much resistance on this stage.

Stage 2 – Sharpen

Using some additional downwards pressure to your stroke, pull your knife through slot 2 with the same smooth movement, approx 5 times. If you’re sharpening knives for the very first time with you Smart Sharp, repeat this action a few extra times.

TIP – You should feel some resistance on this stage as you pull your knife through. If not, then try pulling the knife through at an increased upwards angle until you feel a definite ‘tug’ as it pulls through. You can also try adding a little more downwards pressure to your stroke too. (This is something you’ll get a feel for over time so you may want to experiment a little at first to get this right!)

Stage 3 – Hone

Using light pressure and a nice, smooth motion, pull the knife through slot 3 approx 5 times. (As with stage 1, the knife should move through the slot easily)

Wipe your knife and test sharpness. If necessary, repeat the process. Knives that are very blunt or that have previously been sharpened by other methods may take a few extra goes to begin with.

Maintenance – Once your knife is sharp, you can maintain its sharpness for longer by using just Stage 3 (Hone) on every other use.  Only use all 3 stages when it feels like your knife needs a full sharpen.

You can download our full printable instructions here


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