Lantana Premium 6pc Silicone Kitchen Utensil Set Grey

  • 6pc Silicone Utensils Set - Carefully selected to handle a large range of cooking and baking tasks; includes serving spoons, masher, tongs and more.
  • Premium Food Grade Silicone - heat resistant up to 230°C and stain resistant. Completely safe with non-stick pans, will not scratch or mark.
  • Stylish & Durable Design - Handles are made from high grade stainless steel  that will not rust and look great in your kitchen for year to come. 

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utensil set

Beautiful design & NO MORE scratched pans

Silicone is truly a modern wonder material - that’s why we used this amazing material for our premium 6pc Kitchen Utensil set. Safe to temperatures of up to 230°C (446°F), it's naturally non-stick and non-scratch which makes it safe on all of your non-stick and regular cookware.

The silicone head contain a tough nylon core to provide perfect balance, strength and flexibility.

The handle is made from high grade brushed stainless steel which not only looks great, it also gives each utensil a satisfying weight and feel, combined with fantastic strength and durability. So your utensils will stay looking great and last for years.

The handle grip is also silicone coated, making it comfortable to hold and giving ultimate grip and control. 

All utensils in this set are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Silicone is naturally non-stick so food residue comes away easily even if baked or dried on. All Utensils have a strong loop on the handle, so utensils can be hung on a kitchen storage rack if required.

Included in the 6pc Set
Carefully selected for a wide range of kitchen tasks...

serving spoon

1) Serving Spoon

A good sized serving spoon for dishing up generous portions! Strong and sturdy enough to scrape off those tasty baked on bits, and it's flexible edge squeezes into the sides of the pan to capture every last morsel.

slotted spoon

2) Slotted Spoon

The same size as the regular serving spoon, but with draining 'slots' for serving food, where excess liquid needs to be drained off. Perfect for picking up boiled eggs or broccoli directly from the pan.

slotted turner

3) Slotted Turner

Angled for optimum control and comfort. Slotted, for liquid/oil to drain off before serving. The turner's head has a generous surface area and tapers to a narrow edge, which easily glides underneath flat foods like fried eggs, pancakes or fish.

serving tongs

4) Serving Tongs

Useful for turning sausages on the grill or picking up cooked food from the pan, These hard wearing and versatile tongs will become a favourite tool in your kitchen!

Spring loaded and well balanced, with fantastic grip. The simple lock feature closes the tongs, for easy storage.


5) Potato Masher

The Silicone coated masher head contains a tough nylon core. This means that you can easily mash potatoes in your non stick pans without worrying about scratches.

It's unique shape works right into the corners of the pan to mash every last lump.

soup ladle

6) Soup Ladle

The generous sized silicone soup ladle is great for dishing up soups, stews, etc.

The tough nylon cores means that the ladle bowl's sharp won't flex or bend, but the soft silicone exterior won't scratch your pans and is great for getting every last drop from the pan.          

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Amazon Customer

These are very high quality, i have been using them for over a week now and i am very impressed! They are made of very soft silicone yet they are very sturdy. They are super easy to clean! I love the colour. Highly recommended



Amazon Customer

Lovely set of utensils and very sturdy - the tongs are longer that my old ones which is great as easier to turn thing over in the oven without getting too hot - can’t wait for the nice weather to come so we can use them on the BBQ.



Amazon Customer

A brilliant utensil set. Super design, well made and comfortable to use. Tongues have a great locking mechanism. Can’t rate the seller highly enough, great service and after sales follow up communication. Really pleased.



Amazon Customer

I like the sturdiness and how ideal these utensils are for non stick saucepans. I am really pleased with the quality and the design of them. Superb product and excellent value.

The Main Features

utensil set

Stylish & Durable

Designed for toughness and superb functionality, but also to look great in any kitchen. The silicone Utensil heads contain a tough nylon core to provide the perfect balance of strength with flexibility. The handle is made from high grade brushed stainless steel which not only looks great, it also gives this utensil a balanced weight and fantastic strength and durability. 

Premium Silicone

The heads and handle grips are made from High Quality Food Grade Silicone. Silicone has incredible thermal properties making it heat resistant up to 230C. It is Stain/Odour resistant, and naturally non-stick and non-scratch so will not scratch your cookware like metal kitchen utensils can.

Easy to Store & Clean

All Utensils are Dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Silicone is naturally non-stick so food residue comes off easily even if baked or dried on. All items have a strong silicone loop on the handle so they can be hung on kitchen storage rack if required.

Silicone is BPA free and naturally resistant to bacterial.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

All Lantana products come with our Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, please contact us for a full refund.

utensil set

utenseil set

Brilliant utensils

These were great come in a nice grey color so match in well in my kitchen. They didn’t melt like my last ones did when resting on the pan or frying pan. I like that you get a soup ladle and tongs in this package you don’t normally get them. Brilliant utensils



Amazon Customer

Instructions & Care


All utensils can be washed by hand or cleaned in your dishwasher.

For the best results in your dishwasher, place utensils on their side at the edges of your dishwasher’s top rack. 


To unlock/open the tongs, push the handle loop inwards.

To lock in closed position for storage, close tongs fully and pull handle loop outwards.


These utensils are unsuitable for deep fat frying.

Boiling oil can exceed the temperature that silicone can withstand and may damage utensils.

utensil set

Highly recommend this product, it is very good quality and looks lovely in the kitchen hanging on the wall. The silicone rubber helps prevent abrasions to pans etc and comes out of the dishwasher nice and clean.



Amazon Customer

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At Lantana, our small friendly team are on hand 7 days a week!

We take great pride in ensuring all our customers are completely satisfied when purchasing our products and our dedicated support team are have years of experience and product knowledge and will gladly guide you through any issue you may have.

utensil set

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