Lantana 2 In 1 Safety Can Opener (& Bottle Opener)

  • No more Dangerous sharp/Jagged Can edges – Due to its clever & unique opening mechanism, the opener removes the lid from the can in a way that means no more sharp edges on the lid OR the can.
  • 2 IN 1 convenience - Safety/Smooth Edge manual tin can opener + easy bottle opener.
  • Incredibly simple to use - comes with full instructions & a quick-start video.

RRP: £13.99

Price: £11.95 

You Save: £2.04 (15%) 

Introducing the 2 in 1 Safety Can Opener by Lantana

The Lantana 2 in 1 Safety Can Opener makes light work of opening all kinds of canned foods. Its clever and unique design removes the lid from the can in a way that means no sharp edges whatsoever.

Also features an easy to use bottle opener, making this an essential item for your kitchen.

How it Works - The Science Part!

The can opener takes advantage of the special way that a food can is sealed. During manufacture, food is first placed within the can and then the lid is placed on top of the can afterwards.

The lid edges are then mechanically folded over twice and squeezed very tightly to make an airtight seam that seals the can.

The 2 IN 1 safety opener works by cutting through the very outside layer of this folded seam (see the diagram below)

Making the cut in the seam like this provides several benefits over regular can openers:

1) The position of the cut means that no sharp edges are produced on the lid OR the can, (unlike other openers which cut through the side of the can or into the lid to cause sharp and jagged edges.)

2) The 2 IN 1 opener cuts through the seam of the can so that a convenient lip is left on the can lid - this means that the lid fits snugly back onto the can so that spare contents can be kept covered for later use.

3) Works on most sized food cans and even on cans with awkward ring pull lids - so no more spraying contents over your kitchen when trying to remove stiff ring pull lids! 

Watch The Safety Can Opener in Action: 

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Amazon Customer

When I tried opening my first can with this, I was extremely and pleasantly surprised. At first I didn't think it had cut into the can at all, but the lid came off when I lifted it and there wasn't a sharp piece in sight. It's difficult to get excited about something as mundane as a can opener, but after struggling with a poor grip for a few years now, I will say that I wish this can opener was available years ago.


Amazon Customer

Oh bliss at long, long last a tin opener that opens tins, easily, cleanly, smoothly, with a completely smooth rotary action and no jagged lid or tin top. I'm truly amazed at the ease of use...I am so very delighted with this opener that I've gone mad demonstrating it to anyone who comes into the kitchen and lingers for 20seconds ! 


Amazon Customer

Have tried many can openers in my time, but this one beats the lot. I have arthritic thumbs and this simple device is so easy to use. The cut is clean and safe. No sharp edges, no slivers of metal sneaking into the contents. Good instructions and customer support, if needed, even a video for clarity of use - although it's not complicated. Bottle opener is efficient too. Great product.


Amazon Customer

I have had many tin can openers in the past and all seem to break or go limp! This is absolutely fantastic. And at less than £11 delivered a real bargain. It opens 99.99% of cans easily and provides a lip so when you put the top back on it’s all sealed and you can pop it in the fridge.

Main Features

Manual Action

Super easy to use - latch onto the can rim & turn. Works on most sized food cans and even on cans with awkward ring pull lids - so no more spraying can contents when trying to remove stiff ring pull lids!

No More Sharp Edges

The position of the cut produces nice smooth edges on the lid and can. So no more risk of cutting your fingers on sharp and jagged edges caused by regular can openers and ring pull lids.

Save Spare Contents 

Cutting through the seam on the can rim leaves a convenient lip on the can lid - this means that the lid fits snugly back onto the can so that spare contents can be kept covered for later use.

2 in 1 Convenience

Also features a handy, easy-lift bottle opener. Lightweight and easy to store - it's a staple in any kitchen!

Important - Cleaning Your Safety Can Opener

Because your Safety Can Opener cuts into the seam of the can, the cutting blade will not come into contact with the food inside. So, a quick wipe with a lightly dampened cloth is all that is required to clean the it.

Due to internal metal parts, which can rust - this product is not suitable for dishwasher. Do not submerge in water.

Don’t hesitate and buy this now. You won’t regret it.

The can opener is so good that I even use it for tins with ring pulls. It’s the best can opener ever made. There is a seamless cut. You would not even know it’s been opened. You can even place the lid back on if that floats your boat. 


Amazon Customer

Fantastic Customer Support

At Lantana, our small friendly team are on hand 7 days a week!

We take great pride in ensuring all our customers are completely satisfied when purchasing our products and our dedicated support team are have years of experience and product knowledge and will gladly guide you through any issue you may have.

100% Satisfaction Or Your Money Back!

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RRP: £13.99

Price: £11.95 

You save: £2.04


Been around on this planet for a long long time, been a chef & a baker as well as a parent for a long time, I have used many types of can opener over the years but never !! never have I used one so good as this. It's amazing , great value for the price... it's a must have & yes I have put it to the ultimate test !!


Amazon Customer

Sleek and stylish

No More Dangerous Sharp, Jagged Can Edges