Lantana Smart Sharp POD Kitchen Knife Sharpener

  • 3 Stage Manual Knife Sharpener For Brilliant Results Every Time - Prepare, sharpen and hone. Quickly and effectively keeps your kitchen knives brilliantly sharp.
  • Strong Suction Cup - The Smart Sharp POD has a strong suction cup base for maximum grip, with a simple twist mechanism to lock it your kitchen work top. Suitable for both right and left-handed users.
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Why Choose the SMART SHARP Knife Sharpener

Kitchen knives in a typical home kitchen don't get an easy life. Tossed into dishwashers, and slung away into kitchen drawers, knives can pick up minor dings and areas of micro corrosion.

Other pull-through sharpeners, although fast and easy to use, can 'catch' on these small notches on the blade which may cause further damage.

At the other end of the sharpening spectrum, methods such as whetstones and sharpening rods are gentler and can deal with minor blade damage. However, they also require a much higher level of skill and patience than the typical busy home chef has time for. Sharpening a single blunt knife properly with a whetstone can take 30 minutes or more.

The Smart Sharp has been designed to combine the best features of each of these sharpening methods into one single device.

It has the speed and ease of use of the traditional, single-stage pull-through sharpener. It also blends aspects from whetstone sharpening to protect your knives and makes sharpening gentler and more effective.

The Smart Sharp's first stage works on day-to-day nicks and imperfections on the blade edge, which allows for smooth and even sharpening on stage 2. The final stage removes any burs and polishes the blade for a brilliant finish.

The 3 stage process of the Smart Sharp gives you the best of both worlds to make it the most effective all-round knife sharpener on the market today.

How It Works

Stage 1 - Coarse Diamond Coated Rods

This stage 'roughens' the knife edge to prepare the surface for sharpening. It also smooths any nicks and imperfections that could cause the blade to 'catch' during the sharpening stage

Stage 2 - Hardened Tungsten Carbide

Now simply pull the blade through slot 2's precision angled tungsten carbide plates to create the perfect sharpened 'V' edge on even the bluntest knife.   

Stage 3 - Fine Ceramic Stone Rods

For final edge honing. It removes any burs and gently polishes the blade edges for a super sharp finish.                  

Watch The Smart Sharp In Action: 

What type of knives is the Smart Sharp suitable for?

The Smart Sharp works on a huge range of kitchen knives - but NOT all knives! Please read below carefully to ensure that the Smart Sharp is suitable for your requirements:

Most kitchen knives in Europe & the USA are sharpened to an angle of approx 20 degrees. (Knives sharpened to this angle, we call Western style knives.) The Smart Sharp is a fixed angle knife sharpener which sharpens to 20 degrees and therefore designed for use with Western style knives of the following styles:

  • Straight Edge Steel Kitchen Knives (any length/shape)
  • Hardened Steel Knives
  • Wide serrated knives (bread knives)

What knives should I NOT use the Smart Sharp with?

Please ensure that you DO NOT USE the Smart Sharp for the following types of knives:

  • Ceramic knives, scissors or micro serrated knives.
  • Japanese Style Knives - We do not recommend that the Smart Sharp is used on specialist Japanese knives, including the knife brand 'Global' - this is due to the much narrower blade angles of these knives.
  • Whetstone/Steel Sharpened Knives – Not suitable for knives previously sharpened by long term use of whetstones or steels. Knives sharpened by these methods may have developed a different or uneven blade angle over time.
  • Visibly damaged knives – please inspect your knives before purchase to ensure that there are no visible notches or dents on the blade edges. The Smart Sharp will handle minor nicks and small areas of micro corrosion caused by day to day use, but it is NOT suitable for correcting more serious blade damage.

Main Features

Designed for ease of use 

The Smart Sharp features 3 unique sharpening stages for brilliant results every time - Prepare, Sharpen, then Hone.

The Smart Sharp quickly and effectively keeps your kitchen knives brilliantly sharp and will restore your blunt knives back to their former sharpness.

Safety and Stability

The Smart Sharp POD knife sharpener features an ergonomic comfort handle for maximum grip, suitable for both right and left-handed users.

The rubberised grip and heavy duty non-slip rubber base gives the Smart Sharp great sturdiness and stability ready to safely sharpen your knives.

Incredibly simple to use

Your Smart Sharp POD comes with full instructions and a super helpful quick-start video guide.

We also understand that sharpening your knives for the first time can be daunting – so you'll also get access to our UK team of sharpening experts, for any further support you may need.

Fantastic Customer Support

At Lantana, we understand that sharpening your knives for the first time can be daunting – that's why you'll get direct access to World Class support from our dedicated and experienced UK support team.

Our small, friendly team of sharpening experts have years of experience helping customers to get great results with the Smart Sharp when results may not have been as expected at first (it does happen from time to time!).

We've dealt with hundreds of different brands, styles and conditions of knives, so we have the experience and knowledge to guide you through any issue you may have.

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RRP: £14.95

Price: £12.95

You Save: £2.00 (13%)


How do I clean my Smart Sharp?

Your Smart Sharp is Wipe Clean Only. Not suitable for dishwasher. Do not submerge in water.

What knives can be sharpened by the Smart Sharp Knife sharpener?

The Smart Sharp is designed for use with straight edged kitchen knives and wide serrated knives (bread knives) only. When sharpening serrated edged knives please use a light hand pressure only.

Not for use with finely serrated knives, scissors or ceramic bladed knives. We also recommend that the Smart Sharp is not used on specialist Japanese knives - this is due to the much narrower blade angles of these knives.

 Is the Smart Sharp able to sharpen scissors?

No, the Smart Sharp is not designed for use on scissors. Scissor blades are asymmetrical (the blade is angled on just one side) and have a completely different blade angle, These factors are not compatible with the 20°angles symmetrical slots of the Smart Sharp.

 Can the Smart Sharp be operated by left-handed users?

Yes, the Smart Sharp is designed to be easily used by both right handed and left handed users.

Brilliant Results every time

Bring Your Blunt Knives Back To Their Best