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Instructions – Opening Cans

Watch our quick-start video tutorial here

  • Before use, make a half turn of the lever in an anti-clockwise direction. This ensures that the opening mechanism is in the unlocked (open) position.
  • Place the can on a flat and even surface, then slot the wheel of the opener over the rim of can.
  • Begin turning the lever in a clockwise direction. As you do this, you will feel the opener lock onto the rim of the can. Continue to turn the lever clockwise, the can will rotate as the opener cuts around the rim.
  • When you feel a slight ‘jolt’ and lesser resistance from the lever, this signals that you have cut around the full rim.
  • Turn the lever a half turn anti-clockwise to release the opener from lid.
  • Lift the lid away from the can with your fingers to access can contents.
  • The lid fits neatly back onto the can in case you wish to store can contents for later.

Images – opener5 with ‘Turn backwards (anti clockwise) to open mechanism and release lid’ & opener25 – ‘Turn forwards (clockwise) to lock onto can and cut around can rim’

NOTE: With correct use, the opener never touches the food contents – so there is no need to wash afterwards. If you do wish to clean the unit, please wipe clean only with a damp cloth. Not suitable for dishwasher.

Instructions – Opening Bottles

The Lantana 2 in 1 Safety Can Opener also features an easy to use bottle opener.

  • Place bottle on a sturdy surface and hold it firmly with one hand.
  • Position the steel lip (underneath the head of the opener) under the rim of the bottle cap.
  • Slowly lift the handle, keeping the head of the opener on top of the bottle cap. This motion will lever the bottle cap from off the bottle.


Wipe Clean Only – Not suitable for dishwasher. Do not submerge in water.


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