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The 2 in 1 Safety Can Opener takes advantage of the special way that a food can is sealed. During manufacture, food is first placed within the can and then the lid is placed on top of the can afterwards. The lid edges are then mechanically folded over twice and squeezed very tightly to make an airtight seam that seals the can.

The 2 in 1 safety opener works by cutting through the very outside layer of this folded seam. Making the cut in the seam like this provides several benefits over regular can openers:

1) The cutting wheel never touches the cans contents, so food hygiene is never compromised. No risk of a dirty can opener passing germs into food.

2) The position of the cut means that no sharp edges are produced on the lid OR the can, (unlike other sharpeners which cut through the side of the can or into the lid to cause sharp and jagged edges.)

3) The position that the 2 in 1 opener cuts through the seam means that a convenient lip is left on the can lid – this means that the lid fits snugly back onto the can so that spare contents can be kept covered for later use if needed. (long-term storage of any opened canned foods not recommended – if storing for any more than a few hours, you may wish to transfer to an alternative food container)

4) Works on most sized food cans and even on cans with awkward ring pull lids – so no more spraying contents over your kitchen when trying to remove stiff ring pull lids!


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